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It’s time to be proactive about inclusion

Current inclusion and bullying campaigns deal with the problem once it manifests. It’s time to focus on prevention rather than a cure. I’m the mother of a child with autism. My son’s lonely school journey was the inspiration for the MATES program, a social inclusion and leadership program. My goal with MATES is to foster inclusion and to normalise and redefine leadership.



    Author, speaker and social inclusion educator Randa Habelrih shares 2 decades of experience helping parents and teachers learn different strategies on becoming the best advocate for their child or student. This book is based on real experiences; it is a story told from the heart and will change attitudes. It will raise the standards of inclusion and help empower parents and educators alike. The chapter on developing a success mindset is particularly powerful, providing a practical framework to avoid developing a victim mentality, which is applicable to any of life’s challenges.

Be the role model you want to see, and create the change that is needed.

Randa Habelrih