Autism and Me Events in Sydney and Brisbane!
Autism and Me Events in Sydney and Brisbane!
Nov 26, 2018

This year we held 2 Autism and Me events. The first in Sydney and the second in Brisbane.


It was a privilege to hear our young people on the spectrum speak!
I have attended conference after conference on autism and listened to professionals talk about autism…This event was so, so different because this time we heard the voices of those on the spectrum as they shared with us their stories, their achievements, their challenges and their hopes and dreams.

The human side of the diagnosis was presented, and the audience was educated, captivated, enlightened, moved and inspired.

These young people stepped up and owned that stage.

This was about empowerment and giving our speakers a go. The experience was priceless and will hugely impact their confidence and self-esteem. When our children are given the opportunity, they step up. Who could have imagined that those who have such challenges with communication, could and would step up in front of an audience of more than 300 people and deliver with confidence their stories?

The Sydney event was held in April, the month that the United Nations has delegated to creating Autism Awareness. The time for awareness is over, it’s time for action, for inclusion and empowerment.

Click on the link to see the video montage of the Sydney event. Thank you  Randwick City Council for hosting the event!

Autism and Me Sydney
Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018
However, it was time to take this event nationally, Brisbane was in our sights – BUT unfortunately, we hit a hurdle because the Brisbane Town Hall declined to host the event!

Iona College and Fr Michael Twigg came to the rescue and we held out first interstate Autism and Me event at the Iona College Performing Arts Centre.  We also had a very special guest in the audience…Mr David McInnes who was Richard’s high school principal! Thank you David, for attending and as always, supporting Richard in his endeavours!

Autism and Me
Autism and Me Brisbane
Richard with David McInnes

This time, speakers from Queensland were heard. They used their own voices to advocate for themselves. They were given the stage and they rocked it! Some are even considering developing their public speaking. It’s amazing how if given the opportunity, they rise to the occasion and prove that they are capable of so much more than the limiting beliefs that are placed upon them!

Take a look at our amazing Brisbane speakers in this video montage 

Autism and Me
Autism and Me Brisbane
Photo Credit Melly Stewart

I look forward to truly taking this event nationally! Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, it’s your turn! Let me know if you would like to be a part of this unique event! Preparations for the Sydney 2019 event are already underway!

Sincere thanks to Matt Thistlethwaite for attending the Sydney event and mentioning it in parliament … click here for a recap!