My Vision with MATES is to empower our youth and to foster their leadership skills so they can be agents of change, so they can implement real social justice, not just talk about it

Randa Habelrih

What is G’day Mate MONDAY?

A day dedicated to social inclusion in schools

We all need a MATE.

Our mates help us feel a sense of belonging and connectedness at school.

Many students find forming social relationships difficult. They may have a diagnosis which effects their ability to interact or they may just be shy. This does not mean that they do not want a friend.

Our society was built on the premise of mateship, these days we are more disconnected than ever.
We need to focus on peer support to disrupt this trend.

Young people by nature are caring, often they just don’t have the tools or ‘peer permission’ to step outside of their comfort zone in order to help others feel included. G’day Mate Monday has been created to give students the tools and the permission to be more inclusive.

The Vision

G’day MATE Monday fosters a sense of belonging at school. Without this sense of belonging the higher order levels referred to in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of self-esteem, self-actualisation and achievement can be stifled or disrupted, creating a sense of anxiety, underachievement or even depression. According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 4 young Australians have a mental health issue.

It’s easy to change things up. By celebrating the concept of mateship, by acknowledging and saying hello to people outside existing friendship groups, schools can be more inclusive.

It’s as simple as saying G’day Mate and inviting an interaction.

The Campaign

Allocate the first MONDAY of every month as G’day MATE MONDAY. On this day students are encouraged to say G’day to fellow students they normally do not engage with.
Teachers facilitate by promoting the concept of mateship and discussing the historical significance of mateship to our national identity.

Social Media Campaign:

Create #gdaymate and encourage people to post a very short video on Facebook/instagram/twitter saying “G’day MATE” and tagging their friends to do the same.


  • This is a book of hope, a book of encouragement and of enormous courage…this book should travel the world and its message needs to be heard.

    Hon. Dame
    Prof Marie Bashir
  • Randa reminds us that we need to raise the standards of inclusion for all people.
    I have benefitted first hand not only from your book, but by my association with you and the information you provide.

    The Hon. John Ajaka
    MLC NSW Minister for Disability Services and Multiculturalism
  • Randa is an engaging speaker and presenter who shares her and
    her family’s inspirational story, leaving the audience with a powerful message at the end.


    Randa is able to weave humour through her story, one which includes both sad and frustrating events but one where she is able to ensure that the key message of inclusion for all students is the message learned by her audiences.


    Randa’s presentation to our 4th year education students had real power and energy behind it which will be transferred into classrooms.

    Julie Maakrun
    Senior Lecturer and Primary Course Co-ordinator University of Notre Dame Sydney
  • Randa Habelrih is an inspiring speaker. Apart from being an absolute professional she is engaging, warm and authentic and her conviction for her message is inspiring. I am so excited about the impact her work is having on our community.

    Deborah Fay
    Author Principal Publisher MJL Publications
  • Randa was inspirational in the way that she engaged the students in her presentation. The MATES program has really contributed to the positive inclusive learning environment at Matraville Sports High School and has provided positive student leadership opportunities for the MATES leaders.

    Lisa Keating
    Deputy Principal Matraville Sports High School
  • Randa is an inspiring speaker, we were particularly inspired by her message of inclusion…she was one of the favourite speakers at our conference.

    Jennifer Kemp
    General Manager, Client Services, Lifestart

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