Feb 01, 2018


One life lost is one too many!
Today a young man on the autism spectrum reached out for help, he was desperate. I was alerted to his post in my closed Facebook group ‘Autism Connection on the Spectrum’ by group members and was able to call him via messenger. This was people power in action, I wasn’t even online at the time but others were.

There was no bystander behaviour here, the post was not ignored, my phone started to ping so I checked it and saw the messages from him.

I have since spoken to this young man and have deleted his posts for privacy reasons. He is ok now, he lives in the U.S so I connected him with 2 amazing women who I know will connect him with the right people.

Interestingly he asked me what my son struggles with the most, that was easy – I told him he struggles with what most people with on the autism spectrum struggle with; finding a job and making friends. This young man said that he has the exact same struggles (no surprise there).

It is so clear that we have to increase our efforts in making the needs and rights of our young people on the spectrum known. No-one should feel that they are not worth being on this planet. No-one should feel that they are so lonely, they might as well end their loneliness or so useless because they cannot find employment.

I will keep in contact with this young man who was so articulate, yet was so lost. I felt his pain, I felt his struggles, but it was not all one way, he wanted to know about my own struggles as a parent, he wanted to know if I ever cry or feel sad…I told him of course I do! He also wanted to know about my son’s struggles, which were so similar to his own…he just wanted to talk and to feel that someone could relate to him or that they cared.

WE CARE!…And I promise, there are so many people working hard to make our world a better place for autistic people – I promise I am doing my best. We need to harness the power of this community and others, to hear the voice of this wonderful, sensitive young man, and the collective voices of so many others like him, who face the same struggles.

Over the next few weeks, we will need to harness PEOPLE POWER and I ask that you use the hashtag #JustNeedaMATE so our efforts and our voice can be heard.

If you have ever wanted to make a difference – well – it’s time, we all #JustNeedaMATE

Share your posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn whatever medium you use to make the voice of this young man and those like him, be heard on the mainstream pages not just in closed groups. It’s time, these voices can no longer be silent. One life lost is one too many.

I have a plan which involves:

Let’s get the message out and use the hashtag. Let’s see people power and parent power in action #JustNeedaMATE