• Randa reminds us that we need to raise the standards of inclusion for all people. I have benefitted first hand not only from your book, but by my association with you and the information you provide.

    The Hon. John Ajaka,

    MLC NSW Minister for Disability Services and Multiculturalism
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My Book: Dealing With Autism

In September 2014, over a period of 3 weeks I achieved one of my dreams of walking across Spain on the ancient pilgrimage route of The Camino. We would walk for 8 hours daily (sometimes more!) and during this time there was no place to hide from my thoughts. I had the opportunity to reflect on the road we had travelled as a family, not just in regards to Richard and his autism but on every aspect of our life together. I had a chance to think about what was truly important and I was able to appreciate just how many blessings had been sent our way. Without realising, I started creating my book, a book I have called DEALING WITH AUTISM – How I Successfully Raised My Child and How You Can Too. In this book I invite you to join our family’s journey, a journey that is different for every family. I extend this invitation to you as I have learnt so much from the parents who have walked this path before me and now it’s my turn to give back, so that what we learnt through trial and error may in turn benefit you.

This is not a “How To” book it is a “You Can” book.

The word ‘success’ is not normally associated with a book title on autism. Words such as therapy, cure, understanding, coping, healing, guide… they are the words I usually see but not the word success. I want to tell you that success can be a part of your vocabulary when you talk about your child with autism. We have had many successes, huge ones in fact and you can too. Obviously we had many challenges which I recount quite frankly in the book but you will have your own successes and they will be different to ours because every child on the spectrum is different. This is not a ‘how to’ book it is a ‘you can’ book. My goal is to empower you in navigating the world of autism.

For Teachers

If you are reading this and you are a teacher, this part’s for you. In the book I challenge schools and the wider community to be more aware of our children’s needs. Chapter 5 is called “If I Ran The School System” and in it I highlight what worked for us and what did not, I also relay some of our interactions and challenges then offer some solutions, one of these being the MATES program.
To educators worldwide, I thank and salute you. Teaching is not a career, it is a vocation; we entrust our most precious children into your care and we leave them in your hands for the most part of their waking hours. You help to mould, inspire and educate our children to be the best they can be.


  • 3 essential solutions to help our schools in educating students with autism
  • The 6 step guide to developing a Success mindset
  • How to advocate for your child and develop successful partnerships with schools and community groups
  • The perspective of a sibling and how other children in the family may be affected