Students with Autism need inclusive education, not segregation!
Jun 22, 2017


Sometimes we have to use our collective influence to just say NO. Our children need an inclusive education, not the ill informed of the voice of division.

Senator Hanson’s comments in parliament about segregating our autistic children from mainstream education merely gives those who exclude, sneer and judge our kids, permission to amplify their behaviour and comments.

This is unacceptable, she has put our cause for inclusion back many decades and the effect will be devastating for so many families.

Our children with autism have a legislated right to a quality education.

Research has shown that segregated learning results in an inferior outcome for our children. There is nothing “special” about special education. What we need is appropriate training for our teachers, adequate funding for our schools and appropriate resourcing in order to facilitate successful mainstreaming for our children on the autism spectrum. 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed this year, exactly how many ‘special schools’ does Pauline plan on building?

My big question to Pauline and to all of those who cheered her on is … if our children are segregated in school, what shall we do with them when they graduate? Should we have a segregated society for them to exist in?

Tomorrow Pauline will move on to her next ‘shock and awe’ statement, but we will have to live with the effects of her comments for a very long time and our kids will bear the brunt of the reactions.

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